The Mindworks

Website development projects and their diversifications have always brought the best in us. They allow us to update ourselves as a website development agency that can cater the needs of other different websites in the future. Like many projects we’ve worked for, this one extracted the best and unusual from us too.

At Orrigem, we firmly believe that an understanding and co – operative client makes up for some great and effective content. On the other hand, it is also believed and religiously followed by us that limitations should be exceeded to create something that is out of the box but also understandable at the same time. A user friendly experience as such has helped us in the transition of a few business constraints like revenue, website traffic, conversion rate and lead convenient generation.

It was a golden opportunity to work with and for R. Gopalakrishnan that knocked our door. Fully boosted with enthusiasm and passion for this project, we made an internal team that would install the desires and demands of R. Gopalakrishnan by working in a lockstep format with him. We worked unstoppably through highs and lows. The working team couldn’t realize the time that passed by for we devoted ourselves entirely to this project. We were confident that something special was about to happen. These long and busy days and our sail through tricky tides proved to be fruitful when we could see the launch of a clean, beautiful, unique and innovative content that was entirely shaped and conceptualized by us as per our client’s need.

R. Gopalakrishnan has been an unbeatable corporate leader for 50 years! He served some reputed organizations like the Unilever Arabia in Jeddah, Hindustan Lever in Bangalore, Brooke Bond Lipton, etc. Through this website, the website we had the privilege to work on, R. Gopalakrishnan indicates various segments of managers across the industry.

The team formed had the capability of doing something spellbound and was potential enough to fulfil the assigned job. This paved way for Orrigem designing phase and a process – driven strategy. The reason we proudly declare ourselves as a creative and advanced website development agency is because we incorporate an advanced user experience team which is the source of all the creativity.It was challenging to create a user friendly, well designed and most importantly a website that gives 100% satisfaction to our client. We had to maintain the integrity and the image of the brand while pushing functional limitations and do something that actually made sense and worked successfully for a heavily trafficked website.

In the process, we also learned about a lot of things that needed to be improved and things that were best in us. Also, we never fail to incorporate things we learn in our past projects to execute quality projects in our future.