Aurum Insights

A logo should tell a story. Your logo is an extension of your brand, and your brand is a story. Your story.

Who you are and what you do is one part of that story; the combined experiences, feelings, and perceptions that your brand evokes are the other. The designer’s job is to distill that “special something” as neatly, and as elegantly, as possible.

When a good logo is born it will tell the story of the brand without requiring any words. It will tell a compelling story about your brand, consistently. It’s how your customers will remember you, and it’s the way you will stand out in a crowded marketplace. It’s how the most beloved brands are born.

Thoughtful design involves far more than simply choosing colors and stock images. To craft a brand identity that clearly (and effectively) communicates the core of your story takes an in-depth process of research, exploration, and refinement.

This is one such story with Aurum Insights .Aurum Insights founded by Uma Lal is in the business of assessment and analysis of customer-facing staff and outlets for its clients through the activity of Mystery Shopping and other related services. Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, they wanted a very elegant and sophisticated logo that focused on the name with minimal use of an icon.

This was quite a challenge since the Mumbai market was saturated with quite visual and in face logo designs. So we decided to get to the core of the company and then translate that into one visual element. The approach that we adapted with Aurum Insights was

  • Research
    Information gathered in the research phase of the branding process always help to better articulate the vision behind the brand. Orrigems research included analyzing the marketplace the brand to know the target audience, the competitor brands and most importantly, how Aurum can differentiate itself.
  • Exploration
    Brainstorming and other exercises helped Orrigem to know the associations linked to the Aurum, and generating keywords can help define the core values of what it stands for. Here we discovered keywords like Au which in Latin refers to gold symbolizing luxury and premium, Insights for intellect, experience, and science along with other factors like color grey to represent moral standpoint, an area between good and evil.
    Next with sketching we explored different symbols and letterforms—and as many variations of each as possible. The symbol of the horseshoe for speed & strength was one such discovery. Creating much iteration not only nudges an idea into a new, meaningful direction but also allows it to go the distance.
  • Refinement
    After pursuing each direction thoroughly, the strongest logo concepts were selected to be refined. Only strong concepts were retained through many rounds of review and revisions. A successful brand identity in order to effectively communicate the story behind it must take the elements to form the brand identity. These elements included typeface, colors, and symbolism.
  • Execution
    The logo concept that best communicated the brand and its story was selected and finalized. The outcome is the above design. This well-crafted logo accommodated was used for different applications and with it; we created multiple versions to suit different uses.

Although successful logos appear to be very simple visually, the process of creating a logo is quite the opposite. Designing a logo is a time-consuming project with many different phases of development required to produce a powerful final Logo. It is a collaborative process during which communication between the designer and the client is imperative. The investment is worth it, however – when the process is executed successfully, the resulting logo becomes a valuable asset for the company’s marketing efforts. With us it was Aurum Insights.