Web development is expediting at an aggressive rate. Better and user-friendly interfaces are in demand. When it comes to developing a successful website there are a number of factors defining that success. Customers are eager to know different aspects of your product such as its cost, look and feel, and value for money. To know about the company details, customers may prefer the company’s website, mobile apps and social media platforms. Thus, it is important how businesses interact and respond the customers.

Being a Web Developer is a bit like being a professional problem solver. Every single day we face very different challenges in our day-to-day tasks, and it’s our job to find ways to solve those problems. Whether we come up with very elegant solutions or just a simple quick fix depends on the size of the problem and the amount of time we have to fix it.

This is one such story with Anugraha. Anugraha is a most promising newcomer in wholesaling, importing & exporting of certified gemstones, certified birthstone (Rashi Ratan), all types of precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones at Mumbai in India.
With belief that “Gemstones have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of”.

Anugraha deals in 100% Natural, Untreated & Best Quality Gemstones & Designer Jewellery. The products range are natural precious stones & semi-precious gemstones like Emerald Stone, Ruby Stone, Blue Sapphire Stone, Yellow Sapphire Stone, Red Coral, Amethyst Stone, Turquoise Stone (Firoza Stone), Tourmaline Stone, Garnet Stone, Aquamarine Stone, Sunela Stone, Blue Topaz Stone, Smoky Quartz Stone, Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye Stone, Opal Stone, Peridot Stone, Lemon Quartz Stone, Natural Pearl and many more precious and semi-precious gemstone.

The Requirements

The Anugraha team wanted to set up an online portal for selling their gemstones. To achieve this they needed the following;

• A site designed in tune with the Anugraha standards.
• A website that could attract and engage their target audience
• Simplified e-commerce solution to reach the niche market
• A flexible platform that can accommodate any changes
• Scalability to extend product range and support traffic volume
• Mobile presence to stay ahead in M-commerce market.
• A seamless user experience with the high-performance site.

With these needs, Orrigem identified it need to work out of the box and much dedication was required. Orrigem has a normal tenure of 15 – 30 days to develop and design the website, but with Anugraha it took a whopping 90 days to complete the product. With content provided by Anugraha team, the complexity and precision to create a perfect website need specialization. Woocommerce also an e-commerce platform in India was used to deliver the Anugraha for gem lovers. The Anugraha platform was integrated with the inventory to provide a comprehensive one-stop solution to the gem lovers and enthusiasts.

The portal was developed using the comprehensive features of Woocommerce e-commerce platform India. The various requirements were easily handled by the flexible Woocommerce platform. Changes in the theme were also incorporated into the project plan to create a recall effect for the original store.

The Benefits

Built on a mobile-ready E-commerce platform, Anugraha has been able to achieve the following
• Build a website that enhanced their outreach in the niche market
• A stunning website to match and exceed the brand’s expectations.
• Beautiful store design aligned with their brand philosophy
• End-to-end solutions for their online selling needs
• Inherently flexible platform that to add and implement new products.
• A Scalable platform that can support any number of products and users.

With website Orrigem always works to get rid of all the stuff that makes the process hard, make it as easy as possible for our customers to start with a basic site of a particular configuration, and grow into it over time. We have several different plans that correspond to how much functionality the clients need in the site, how quickly they like new features developed, how much support they are going to need, and how active the client wants to be in finding ways of improving the site. We’re focusing all of our attention on results: websites that get launched quickly, rate sales, reduce costs and do things to help clients business grow. And if we succeed, the business will grow and they keep seeing the value in having us as an ongoing partner.