Getting a base for international client can be challenging but it becomes a nightmare when you start a new branch of services with aspiration to go global. This was the case when Orrigem Production Agency – a successful Image Editing service providing company, took a leap and became Orrigem- A Creative Hub.

This article is about the partnership with Pramash Boards, a long board startup settled in California, USA. It was Pramash who brought a new Evolution to Lean Boards with a perfect setup of carving trucks to support the bigger quality wheels. This evolution added power control, stability, and responsiveness to the rider for more carving and cruising.


Getting Pramash on board was not an easy task for Orrigem. The team had to utilize all its resource with constant touch to get this innovator on board. The main task included creating confidence in the minds of a business located across the globe, but this part was conquered and a new line of trust and confidence was formed among the parties.

This newly formed relationship lead to the creation of “Pramash campaign”. Orrigem started from grassroots by processing the entire product portfolio. Each product in the range was then turned into ideas. These ideas were then molded into Posters to communicate the core benefit through a story. The different designs here, speak about the versatile nature and its unrestricted use across the universe. Be it a style statement or be it a way to reach your work, school or your place of entertainment can be conveyed through this campaign.

The campaign was not only welcomed by Pramash but also was used for the promotion of their Kickstarter campaign. This campaign is one of the success stories of Orrigem into the global markets, which now is an active partner with market leaders like Vodafone, TATA, GVK and Hindustan Unilever among others.